What Are the Different Types of Oil Skimmers?

Oil Rig

Oil skimmers are very effective at collecting thousands of gallons of crude oil. Although they are receiving a lot of press in such massive cleanup effort, the majority of them are efficiently and quietly doing their jobs across the globe. But the truth that everyone needs to know is that they are not really designed to be a response to a spill. But they are actually designed for the prevention of oil from entering the streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds.

If you have to clean up some oil on top of the water in the retention pond of in other bodies of water, like in a marina, then such skimmer would do a great job. There are different types of skimmers that are specifically designed for different situations.

Tube Oil Skimmer

Tube skimmers for oil spills could clean up a wide area of water and could actually be sent out to the oil sheen. This is possible by extending the tube further from the water. The area that it could clean is limited by the length of its tube.

But the problem when using a tube oil skimmer is that it could take up a lot of space. This also makes that water that the tube is floating on to be inaccessible to boats, swimmers, and other equipment.

Belt Skimmer

This type of skimmer makes use of a stainless or poly steel belt and functions best in smaller contained areas like small retention ponds and tanks where water could be brought to the skimmer. Thus, type of skimmer could not be expanded to have a wider pickup area like tube skimmers as the belt is vertical and can only collect oil under it.

Disk Skimmer

This one is compact and could pick up a lot of oil fast due to the large surface that it utilizes to pick up oil. Just like with a belt skimmer, a disk skimmer just picks up oil that is on the water near it. It should be brought to the oil or the water should be circulated so that the soil on the water could be picked up by the skimmer. In addition, this type of skimmer is best for clean-up effort.

Disc Type Oil Skimmer

Drum Oil Skimmer

This one looks like a drum that lays horizontally in the water. With this one, the oil sticks to the drum and is being scraped off and then pumped to a storage tank. Just like with a disk skimmer, this one should also be taken to the oil or you need to have the water moved to the drum. This type of skimmer works very well when cleaning up large oil spills on bodies of water.These are the different types of skimmers that play an important role in spill containment. Doing will be very beneficial for everyone. Be sure that you have one for your specific needs and knowing these different types will help you better decide which one you should get that will serve its purpose. Click here to find out more why you need to contain spills.

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Flammable Liquids Cabinet: A Highly Essential Item in the Workplace

Flammable Liquids Cabinet: A Highly Essential Item in the Workplace

Flammable liquids cabinet are very helpful in industries that deals with dangerous flammable chemicals and liquid. The cabinet is fire-resistant and used for safety storing of these chemicals. Also, it has a double wall and comes in an 18-gauge steel where two vents come along with flash arrestors that allow any hazardous vapor to get out from the cabinet. If own a facility that deals with chemicals, it is very important to get a hold of this kind of cabinet to ensure the safety of everyone.

Why You Need One for your Facility?

Flammable liquids cabinet helps ensure that all dangerous items that are places inside are securely and safely stored. For example, the cabinet can store different types of items such as fertilizers, herbicides, flammables, pesticides, and other types of items too. It also has additional safety measures that offer better visibility even in the dark.

Is It A Worth Investment?

For sure you are wondering if having this cabinet is a worthy investment or not. There are various reasons why you need to do so. This cabinet helps safely contain hazardous chemicals and even cut down the risks for accidents and fires. The cabinet is also a good way to organize and segregate chemicals to easily identify them. 

Moreover, it enhances levels of security in the facility. Many of them come with keyed locks so they are safe. The cabinet is also famous for enhancing efficiency when storing chemicals.

One of the best advantages of using this type of cabinet is that it is capable of offering a secure place where you can store your chemicals. You can refer to the material data sheet for you to go through the inventory of items that you have saved in your cabinet. There are various criteria that should be considered when choosing the best safety cabinet.

Compliance Requirements

It is a must that the cabinet meets the compliance requirements and third-party testing. You have to consider several factors when investing in a cabinet. The type and size, as well as its individual capacity needs and the kinds of chemicals that you store should all be given attention.

You can choose from different colors available for the cabinet. These colors indicate their different uses. For example, yellow is intended for flammable liquids, red for inks, blue for corrosives, etc. On the other hand, green colored ones are for storing pesticides and insecticides. White or grey are to be used for outdoor lockers.

Be sure that you check out the different types of cabinets that are available for you to choose from and store your flammable chemicals. Consider buying from reputable dealers so you can be sure of the quality and thus, ensure the proper storage of chemicals and safety of everyone.

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