Easy Pool Tiles Installation Guide

Adding ceramic tiles to your swimming pool is a great way of adding details to your pool. These types of tile can be utilized as a border by having them in a single-row in the waterline. They can also be installed in a way that they cover the entire wall and floor of your pool. But regardless how you want the design to be places, proper installation is a must so you can achieve your desires result. Below is an easy pool tiles installation guide that should be considered.


Easy Guide for a More Attractive Pool

Selecting the Tile

A ceramic tile is a clay tile that is made of slip (wet clay). This is fired and then glazed which gives it a water-proof covering. Although all ceramic tile is suited for wet area such as the shower, not all of them is suitable for swimming pools as the glaze could crack which allows moisture to penetrate into the body of the tile. Given this, you need to choose one that is vitreous or impervious. This means that you won’t have to worry as the tile would not be able absorb water, even it the glaze is cracked. To better choose, vitreous tile absorbs up to 3% while impervious (more preferred) can only absorb up to 0.5% of moisture.


Clean and Level

Prior to the installation of your ceramic tile, you need to make sure that your swimming pool is ready for it. You need to wash down the floor and walls of the pool. This will expose the surface of your pool to the mortar so the tile can bond better. In addition, you need to inspect you pool and check if there are holes or cracks. You should also paint a waterproofing membrane onto your pool so it receives an additional protection. You need to wait for the membrane to completely cure to make sure that you are doing your pool tiles installation right. Once it’s good, you can begin the installation.


Mortar and Grout

You should set your ceramic tile in a latex fortified mortar that is specifically designed to be used in wet areas for a long time. Since the pool water has chemicals, make sure that your mortar is impervious to moisture and chemicals for a long period of time. At the same time, choose a grout that has no epoxy of Portland cement. This two can cause discoloration and even weaken the chemicals in the pool. Opt for a grout that is polymer-fortified as it is stronger. There should also be a minimum of 1/8 inch grout joint in between of each tile to allow movement.


Setting the Tile

When installing the tiles in the pool, lay them out in advance so you can control the pattern and the placement in your pool. The mortar should be spread onto the walls and floor of the pool. The, set it at a slight angle and twist straight to the right place. You can use a tile spacer if necessary. After a few tiles have been installed, place a beating block on the tiles and tap it using a rubber mallet so you drive them into the mortar. Let the mortar cure for at a day before you begin grouting the tiles.

Tiles installation can be a tedious task especially if you are not experienced with it. To make sure that you get the best results, you can hire a professional to do the job for you.


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5 Pool Tiles Remodeling Ideas

Are you dreaming of spending the long summer days lounging into the pool? As soon as you feel the warm days coming, for sure you keep imagining the time you will be swimming and relaxing by the pool. This makes any pool a great addition to the property as it comes with so many benefits. But if you have one with beautiful pool tiles, then you are making the experience more memorable.

We just have to admit that whenever we see pools with decorative designs for their tiles, we more enticed to jump into it and stay there for a long time, making us feel more relaxed. If you think that your pool is not that “pretty” yet, then it’s time to redesign it and try these remodeling ideas below.


Remodeling Ideas for your Swimming Pool

Taking the step to remodel means that you are getting closer to sipping some cocktails on the deck. Make sure that before you order your pool tiles you already have a design in mind.

Waterline Tile

This design is a classic in swimming pools. This consist of the same tiling on most part of the pool and then complimented by a strip of decorative designs at the waterline. This is a great choice if you want to get creative or want to improve your outdoor area through the aesthetics of your pool.

Tile Mosaic

These types of tiles are the best choice if you want to incorporate artful details to your outdoors. There are endless options for you to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to turn your imagination into a reality. You can choose to be elaborate or just simple. This type is made out of either glass or ceramic, drawing attention right to the pool.

Earth Tones

By opting for neutral colors for your design, you will be creating an illusion of bathing in a natural swimming hole. Make this happen by using stone or choosing a brown palette for ceramic tiles.

Aqua Blues

Greens, teal, blues, and turquoise are refreshing to the eyes and remind us of the sea. You can now bring the “sea” right into your pool when you choose these color palettes for your tiles. Glass tile designs will help you achieve this look, reminding the sunbathers and swimmers of the sea.

Tile Walls

You can add more layers to your pool design by adding raised walls in some sections of your pool. You can extend your tiles into this ceramic or glass wall tile. This will create an illusion for your backyard landscape that it has more depth.

With these design ideas for your tiles, you are not only expressing your personality through your choices, but you are also giving your home the best look it deserves. Make your swimming pools not only functional but beautiful and enticing as well.

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