Flammable Liquids Cabinet: A Highly Essential Item in the Workplace

Flammable Liquids Cabinet: A Highly Essential Item in the Workplace

Flammable liquids cabinet are very helpful in industries that deals with dangerous flammable chemicals and liquid. The cabinet is fire-resistant and used for safety storing of these chemicals. Also, it has a double wall and comes in an 18-gauge steel where two vents come along with flash arrestors that allow any hazardous vapor to get out from the cabinet. If own a facility that deals with chemicals, it is very important to get a hold of this kind of cabinet to ensure the safety of everyone.

Why You Need One for your Facility?

Flammable liquids cabinet helps ensure that all dangerous items that are places inside are securely and safely stored. For example, the cabinet can store different types of items such as fertilizers, herbicides, flammables, pesticides, and other types of items too. It also has additional safety measures that offer better visibility even in the dark.

Is It A Worth Investment?

For sure you are wondering if having this cabinet is a worthy investment or not. There are various reasons why you need to do so. This cabinet helps safely contain hazardous chemicals and even cut down the risks for accidents and fires. The cabinet is also a good way to organize and segregate chemicals to easily identify them. 

Moreover, it enhances levels of security in the facility. Many of them come with keyed locks so they are safe. The cabinet is also famous for enhancing efficiency when storing chemicals.

One of the best advantages of using this type of cabinet is that it is capable of offering a secure place where you can store your chemicals. You can refer to the material data sheet for you to go through the inventory of items that you have saved in your cabinet. There are various criteria that should be considered when choosing the best safety cabinet.

Compliance Requirements

It is a must that the cabinet meets the compliance requirements and third-party testing. You have to consider several factors when investing in a cabinet. The type and size, as well as its individual capacity needs and the kinds of chemicals that you store should all be given attention.

You can choose from different colors available for the cabinet. These colors indicate their different uses. For example, yellow is intended for flammable liquids, red for inks, blue for corrosives, etc. On the other hand, green colored ones are for storing pesticides and insecticides. White or grey are to be used for outdoor lockers.

Be sure that you check out the different types of cabinets that are available for you to choose from and store your flammable chemicals. Consider buying from reputable dealers so you can be sure of the quality and thus, ensure the proper storage of chemicals and safety of everyone.

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Large Ceiling Fan: The Bigger, The Better

Ceiling fans have been available so many years back. Through the years, it has evolved from the simple choices to the more intricate and luxurious ones. They also come in so many types and one of them is a large ceiling fan that we often see in different businesses and homes. They are widely available simply because of the many advantages they offer for different applications.

Large Ceiling Fan: The Bigger, The Better

For Big Work Spaces

The continuous evolution of ceiling fans has led to the evolution of large ceiling fan. Such type is far different from the traditional ones as they run at a slower speed than the normal ones, thus giving a bigger amount of quiet and non-disruptive airflow.

Another great factor that separates bigger fans from normal ones is their blade size. Bigger fans have wider and longer blades so they can generate more columns of air that also travel farther. This makes them a great choice in industrial workspaces with large open areas like hangers and warehouses.


Although there has been so many improvements through the years, one of the biggest challenges is to keep occupants comfortable, especially when they are in unconditioned spaces. The uncomfortable temperature in such buildings can negatively impact people’s productivity, morale, and accuracy.

Productivity of workers drop with every degree over the maximum temperature of 72°F. While this optimal temperature is ideal, it is probably unrealistic for spaces with no air conditioning. Big ceiling fans offer a cost-effective alternative for HVAC systems.

More Airflow for Cash Flow

A big industrial ceiling fan is not only advanced in a way that it increases comfort, but it also becomes a resource for different businesses to lessen energy cost. If you own or manage a big open space facility, you need to constantly evaluate heating and cooling costs against employee productivity and comfort.

Bigger Means Better Airflow

So many small fans have been considered to be the primary method used to cool bigger workspaces. But, the invention of large ceiling fans has great greatly changed this through their balanced and efficient airflow.

The advantage of using bigger industrial fans instead or the smaller and faster ones will be energy consumption. Due to their large circumference and specially designed air foils, it will only take one industrial fan to do the job of 34 traditional fans. On an average, a normal table top or ceiling fan spins several times the speed of a bigger one, making it noisier while consuming more energy.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder why large ceiling fans are the preferred choice of many people. If you are looking for an option that will offer savings, comfort, and functionality, then this type of fan is definitely a great choice that can benefit you in so many ways.

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