Using a Forklift or Pallet Jacks for Pallet Wrappers

A forklift and pallet jacks are equipment that you need in loading pallet for your pallet wrapping machine. While these machines are very helpful in your packaging operation, safety is also an important aspect in the overall success of your business. Operating these machines require specific safety measures that every crew personnel must know. The first step is proper training for the operators and all those around these machineries to ensure that the entire operation goes smoothly. Here are the things you need to watch out for when using these equipment:

The Batteries Used

Forklift batteries are the same as those used in other vehicles. Similar to maintaining vehicle batteries, they need to be recharged and replaced regularly. They contain harmful substances, which can endanger the people around. The operator and other workers will have the risk of inhaling the fumes and being in contact with the liquid from the batteries.

The workplace must have an accessible first aid kit, eyewash area, and emergency showers. There must also be a sufficient ventilation in the work area. Even just a big open door is good enough. Operators and workers must have proper protective gears and tools while working.


Malfunctions of the Mechanism

The operator must first check and inspect the equipment before every shift to make sure that the machine is in good working condition. Most companies follow a thorough checklist when inspecting this equipment. Broken brakes, faulty steering, and defective lifting mechanisms can cause serious injuries and accidents. Tires must also be checked every now and then because flat tires or uneven tires can make the machine wobbly and unstable, risking loading problems and other possible accidents. If you find anything that is not what it seems in the machine, do not use it and have it repaired as soon as possible.



Collisions can be possible when operating forklifts and pallet jacks because it is hard to see the other side when driving them. Crashes mean property damage, injury of workers or even fatalities. Lights, horns, warning signs, and other safety precautions can be very helpful in the work area.


Problems with the Load

Loads can also be dangerous because they can slip, collapse or fall. The loading of pallets and packing machine items, ensuring everything is stable are part of the training of the workers. You must also ensure that the floor is even and is in good condition. The operator must also know how to stack the loads properly, considering those that can be stacked and those that cannot be.

The safety of the operators and other workers is the top priority of companies. Operating forklift and pallet jacks must be of extreme caution at all times. Proper training and safety gears must e implemented as well.

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