What Drill Rig Companies Advice When Purchasing a New Drill Rig?

Top drill rig companies say that if you are involved in the mineral exploration drilling industry, you’d understand the invaluable role that drill rigs and equipment play in your business. They are paramount to winning projects, completing contracts, and eventually earning profits or making money. 

When you buy a new drill rig, consider that as a major decision. There are many different factors and variables that surround this, and most of them can have a significant influence on your decision. Some in a positive way, others to your detriment. If you will try to buy a new drill rig, there is one important question to have in mind before you make a decision, “will this equipment help me generate more money?”. Or would it cost you more owning it as opposed to other available options that will help you accomplish the same desired results but for less?  

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Whenever the country, or the world rather, would suffer from an economic slump, everything in the world would be put to a standstill and drill rigs tend to sit and remain idle for an unpredictable amount of time. This is the underlying reason why a handful of them are being cannibalized instead. The parts taken out from some would be used to the other rigs that had remained active to keep them running. 

Drillers would repair the rigs they had so they will keep on drilling without investing in brand new drill rigs. Today, the market seems to have picked up itself and its activity is slowly but surely increasing pacing up as well. The majority of drilling contractors are presented with 2 directions here, a tough call decision to make – will they rebuild the idle rigs or buy new rigs, instead. 

The operations managers know exactly which components of the drill rig, from valves, engines, assemblies, will be needing replacement. Theirs is not just gut feel, but they usually have a fairly accurate idea of how much it is likely going to cost them if they will decide to acquire a brand new drill rig. They can decide to take on the road to do a full-fledged audit – that is to conduct a thorough inspection of the drill rigs, make an evaluation of spare parts that are in stock, and even taking a look at their maintenance records and files.   

New vs. Used Drill Rigs

When you are finding yourself pressed on getting another drill rig, the first thing that will come to mind is whether you will look for a brand new rig or a second-hand or used equipment instead. You will scarcely find a gently used equipment though, and it is somehow challenging also to determine how harsh or well a drill rig was treated while it is being used in the field.

To better illustrate this let us look at hydraulic systems, for instance. They are completely delicate. If the hydraulic system has acquired contamination, it can be very expensive to find a replacement for valves, motors or pumps. The purchase will bring in a lot of risks if the drill rig maintenance history is not known.  

According to drill rig companies, coming along the market downturn is an awful lot of great buys for industrial items like drill rig. As the market is on its way for further improvement, price points are likely to spike but their availability is reduced.  

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All About Construction Drills

You’ll find drills in many forms and sizes, and they are common in most industrial projects as well as construction. You can use them in wood, metals, and in the ground. In the medical industry, they even created specialized drills for various uses. You can even find drills in most household. In fact, it is one of the basic tools in every toolbox. It is convenient and very easy to use.

Types of Drills According to Power

The majority of handheld drills on the market are powered by electricity. You’ll also find some drills are manually powered. Some drills use compressed air, called pneumatic drills, such as the auger. Those used in the construction have very strong percussive action to drill through very hard materials. Examples of this type of drills are pneumatic drills, jackhammers, and hammer drills. Huge drills are used in oil and water drilling. Drilling rigs that are built in the ocean are constructed around a huge drill.


Drills Used for Construction

Drills that are used in construction are very different from the regular do-it-yourself drills you use at home. All these drills vary greatly in drills bits or heads. Drill bits, which are a metal head that you fasten into your drill, vary in shapes and sizes. Some are smooth with a flat head, while some are twisted, and some look like thick needles.

Drill bits also differ from each other according to the type of material it will drill into. Different drill bits are used in wood, plastic, stone, metal, tiles, and even glass. You can’t just use any drill on everything, especially when drilling on glass and tiles. The drill bit you must use should prevent the glass or tile from cracking while you do the drilling.


Diamond Drilling Rig:

With a powerful 3000-watt motor, this type of drill rig is strong enough to handle the largest construction projects. Diamond drilling rigs can be used for drilling through floors and waste pipes, and can be used for chemical and mechanical anchoring. You’ll find that this type of drill is also commonly used in the plumbing and fire industries.



If your intention is to drill holes into the ground and take samples of the soil, then the auger is the best tool you can use. With such a rapid moving drill, most augers have a convenient brake that you can use for a quick stop.


Rotary Hammer:

For heavy duty breaking and drilling of concrete and rock, rotary hammer is the appropriate tool. A rotary hammer is typically electricity powered. For precautionary purposes, you should never lean against this machine when breaking and drilling. You only need to guide it gently. When drilling large holes, it is recommended that you use a smaller drill bit first.


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