Options In Swimming Pool Coping Tiles

coping tiles

traditional-poolSwimming pool coping tiles are part of your in ground swimming pool that finished off the pool and gave it a quality appearance. Without copying a swimming pool looks unfinished; without it, a pool appears classless and without style. Not only is pool coping decorative while finishing off the look of the pool it also offers a safety feature; coping provides a non-slip, smooth edge to your in-ground swimming pool.

More often than not an attractive paving is laid around the pool area. Your pool coping will stand out is this paving is in a contrasting color to the in ground swimming pool coping.

When choosing pool coping you have a lot of options to choose from. Pool tiles come in a variety of different styles, materials and colors. From expensive travertine to inexpensive poured concrete there is material that will enhance your pools natural beauty. Styles include bullnose coping which allows the concrete to be poured butting up to the tip of the pool whereas cantilever style pool coping tiles extends over the tip of the wall.

Natural stone is an option many pool owners choose when it comes to dealing. Natural stone pool coping is available using a variety of materials including sandstone, granite, limestone, travertine and bluestone. Natural stone usually comes in tile form, however, can be cut to fit bends and corners. You can choose to treat the stone with a sealer or not. If you want not the treat the rock, it will weather naturally enhancing the stones beauty.

Concrete pool coping tiles can be installed in pre-made forms or poured into farmers surrounding the pool. Concrete is versatile and can be patterned using stamps, colored and distressed making it look like more expensive coping materials but without the cost or expensive maintenance. Poured concrete is a material that is easy to work with and is laid without the work required in installing natural stone coping.

Brick, porcelain tiles, and natural clay bricks are all alternatives when it comes to in-ground swimming pool coping. When choosing a material for your pool coping look at your overall budget and decide what you are willing to allocate on coping. This will help narrow down the options as you will be limited by a smaller budget on your material choices. This, however, does not mean that you can’t have a more expensive look using poured concrete. Contact a professional pool plasterer that specializes in all aspects of pool services including coping, tile, plaster resurfacing, caulking, decking and more.